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by Naomi on January 6, 2014

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Hi everyone and welcome to 2014! May it be a super special year for each and every one of you, bringing everything you dream of and more. I hope you all enjoyed a beautifully relaxing break over the Festive Season and feel recharged and ready for a fantastic twelve months!

Inspired by advice from a wise friend, Ann Worth, who is an expert in brand marketing, as well as a wonderful group of women who recently welcomed me into ROSA (Romance Writers’ Organisation of South Africa), I spent some of my holiday creating a new signature website

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The images included here feature on the front page slider of my new site, relating to each of the services that I offer – one or more individually or the complete combination. If you or anyone you know is interested in assistance with professional photography, videography, copywriting and/or website creation, then please contact me to discuss how I can help.

A big shout out to WordPress, because this platform has provided me with so much support and pleasure since I started my blog in March 2009. I love the responsive design that I’ve used on my new site, meaning that it adapts to viewing on a range of devices, from mobile phones to computers.

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Sincere thanks also to Sakthi Kumaran, the genius developer behind a beautiful range of skins that integrate with the WordPress Thesis theme, including the Responsive Business Skin 2 that’s active on my website. He not only provides a great product, but has been very helpful while setting it up.

And now another heartfelt shout out to my fabulous blogging friends, some of whom have travelled most of the way with me – for almost five years. OMG, we’re getting on :-) The journey has been so much richer because of you. Thank You all!

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No thank you list could be complete without including Dave, my beloved husband of almost 19 years, who I was blowing a kiss to when he took the photo featured on my new website and blog header image above. We were in the Central Kalahri Desert in Botswana – one of our favourite places on the planet. Babe, you are the Best . . . Thank You for everything!


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