2010 World Superbike & Supersport Championship – Kyalami

by Naomi on May 22, 2010

in Bulletin Board, Daily Life

Being an ex-professional superbike racer and an accredited member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, Dave loves few things more than attending an international race meeting, chatting to the riders and doing some fast-reflex photography. It was his particular pleasure that the last leg of the World Superbike and Supersport Championship was held here on our doorstep, at the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg.

The weekend yielded flawless weather, awesome action and sensational wins by Eugene Laverty in the Supersport class:

EUGENE LAVERTY IN WINNING FORM - Kyalami Circuit, South Africa

. . . as well as Michel Fabrizio and Leon Haslam in the two Superbike races:

MICHEL FABRIZIO, VICTORIOUS - Kyalami Circuit, South Africa


We’re super proud of our nephew, Bjorn Estment, who qualified second on the grid in the local 600 Supersport race. Too bad for a crash later on, but still showing what he can do!

BJORN ESTMENT IN ACTION - Kyalami, South Africa

For more of Dave’s coverage of the event, take a look at his galleries on our official website, here: Superbikes and Supersport. ENJOY!

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