“Begin with the end in mind”

by Naomi on July 8, 2009

in Writing

This one of Steven R Covey’s ‘Seven Habits for Highly successful People’ can be powerfully applied to many applications, particularly to writing a book. At least that’s true for me. So much so, that I’ve begun each of my two novels with the end, before jumping back to the beginning and the middle somewhere, and then continuing more linearly. The most important thing, I feel, is to be guided by what’s emerging inside.

Rebecca York, prolific author and co-author of at least 85 romance novels, recounts rewarding herself by writing the scenes she wants to write, and then fitting the others in. I agree whole-heartedly, as well as with her preference for ‘knowing the plot’, at least in broad outline, so that each scene has a purpose and advances the story. The scenes also then develop from the characters and their responses to what’s happening, all the while working towards a meaningful conclusion.

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