Blog Action Day 09

by Naomi on October 15, 2009

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Special thanks to Ida at Ethnic Supplies for the heads-up via Facebook of Blog Action Day 09, which is today! This year’s theme is Climate Change. If you’re a blogger, you may still have time to register your blog at and “have your post appear on the Blog Action Day homepage when you publish”.

Born in Uganda and based in the UK, Ida Horner established Ethnic Supplies Ltd., which is a social enterprise specialising in African handicrafts, textile, art and crafts from East africa. Here’s a link to the thought-provoking article she posted on her blog today: Climate change and poverty. It’s been great to connect with Ida’s infectious warmth via Twitter!

On the subject of climate change, I think “A Beautiful Lie” must be one of the best music videos out there, highlighting this topic. The site, reports “CO2 Levels Highest in Two Million Years Thursday, June 25, 2009”. Have a read there to discover how you can make a difference.

Also on this subject, James Lovelock, celebrated scientist and writer (as well as originator of the Gaia theory), enthralled us in his Hardtalk interview with Stephen Sackur, addressing man’s “unsustainable exploitation” of the planet. Here’s a link to a small clip from their discussion, which refers to population reduction:, and another to this phenomeanl man’s website: His work is well worthy of consideration, especially today 🙂

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