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by Naomi on October 16, 2013

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Michelle Laas, Face of the Globe Finalist from South Africa

We never tire of photographing beautiful models with bodies and souls to match. It’s even more fulfilling when our work contributes to their success, and pays forward to assisting others in need. This was the case when lovely Michelle Laas became the first (and only) South African finalist for the 2013 Face of the Globe competition. The initial selection phase relied on photographs that she submitted from a previous modeling portfolio which we created for her. The above image, shot more recently, features on her official Face of the Globe page: Michelle Laas. Here is another for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Model Michelle Laas

What has this got to do with Blog Action Day 2013? Well, this year’s topic is Human Rights, and Face of the Globe supports the Rainbow Child Foundation, which “donates 100% of their profits to the people they support and strives to help children all over the world through the building of orphan homes, water play pumps, sanitation units and much more. The analogy of the rainbow is that each color by itself is beautiful, but when put together in harmony they create this great spectacle we call the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow there is a treasure that treasure lies within us, we must find it and share it with those less fortunate than us. In this case it’s the children”.

The Rainbow Child Foundation has already helped to build an orphanage in Cambodia and play pumps to provide clean drinking water in South Africa. Their projects are featured in videos on the Face of the Globe charity work page, here. The pageant has contributed in raising over £50,000 to good causes over the career of the Director, Lucie Hide, a former international beauty queen from England. Her objective is to double this amount with Face of the Globe over the next two years, with the help of contestants who participate in the fundraising. At each live heat, a ‘Miss Charity’ title and sash will be awarded to the highest fundraiser from each age group, securing a place in the final line up.

We’re backing Michelle all the way! Her goal is to raise at least 200 Euros, which is more significant in South African Rand terms. As an added incentive, the top fundraiser will be crowned Miss Charity Globe at the finals, and can select a charity to receive 10% of the overall fundraising total. Michelle’s choice is “Project South Africa” since this is her mother country and the campaign will contribute to the conservation of endangered animals, especially towards preventing rhino poaching.

We endorse all of this whole-heartedly, being deeply involved for the past two years in a similar endeavour, as regular readers will know from my last post about our Rock ’n Ride 4 Rhino project. This addresses conservation and humanitarian concerns, which we believe have to go hand in hand.

Here is another image of Michelle wearing a vest that she brought along because the grand finals of the competition will take place in London and at Disneyland France, officially starting on Monday!
Face of the Globe 2013 finalist, Michelle Laas

All the very best to Michelle and everyone at Face of the Globe, and high-five to all who are involved in Blog Action Day 2013. Here’s to making a positive difference in the world and helping others to keep body and soul together in whatever way possible.

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kate shrewsday October 28, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Lovely pictures, Naomi, and wonderful to see how far this lovely young lady has already reached! All the best in the future!


Naomi October 31, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Thanks so much, Kate . . . it’s always such a delight to hear from you! Yes, Michelle is an inspiration and we look forward to seeing how her path unfolds. I’ll be over to your fabulous blog in a minute to see what’s happening in your ever-interesting life 🙂 Love to you all, XO


Tammy November 24, 2013 at 7:42 pm

Lovely model and a great message.


Naomi November 28, 2013 at 12:03 pm

Agreed – thank you Tammy, it’s so lovely to find your comment here 🙂 I’ll be over soonest to your gorgeous blog to catch up a bit. Big virtual hug in the meantime, XO


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