African wildlife

African wildlife

Time to Treasure

5 September 2014 Bulletin Board
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Without fail, we seem to find ourselves when immersed in the heart of nature. Always. Unerringly. Never more so than when walking, as a group of us did recently in the Kruger National Park – unfettered by fences and completely free to mingle with Africa’s magnificent wildlife, great and small. I took the above photo […]

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Best of the Best

30 November 2013 Bulletin Board
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There are certain life experiences that you never forget. A sound, a smell, a whisper of memory springs them intermittently front and centre in your heart and mind. The 2013 Safari Guide of the Year competition was just such an experience. Dave and I were truly privileged to spend last week with the 8 exceptional […]

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Body and Soul – Blog Action Day

16 October 2013 Blogging
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We never tire of photographing beautiful models with bodies and souls to match. It’s even more fulfilling when our work contributes to their success, and pays forward to assisting others in need. This was the case when lovely Michelle Laas became the first (and only) South African finalist for the 2013 Face of the Globe […]

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Breaking my Blog Drought

11 July 2013 Wildlife
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Words can barely describe how busy our lives have been for the past year and more, but here’s to finally breaking my blog drought! I’m delighted to share news of our joint Rock ’n Ride 4 Rhino project. This is an epic conservation, community and communications project entailing a 15,000+ km motorcycle adventure around Southern […]

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Launched at Last

15 November 2012 Bulletin Board
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It’s been a wild and woolly year, since Dave and I embarked on an unforgettable journey in the creation of two short rhino films and an accompanying photographic book. Shot in South Africa, the films were created in response to the escalating threat of extinction facing Earth’s remaining rhinos, the first film, Rhineo & Juliet […]

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Team Effort in Aid of Rhino

24 September 2012 Bulletin Board
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What can be more inspiring than participating in initiatives that support conservation and communities, while simultaneously harnessing the power of creative fire? This is just the scenario that played out a week ago at Beaulieu Prep School in Johannesburg. The special people there had invited Damien Mander, founding director and chairman of the International Anti-Poaching […]

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Observing “Africa Time” . . .

2 May 2012 Wildlife
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According to Wikipedia, “African Time (or Africa Time) is a colloquial term used to describe a perceived cultural tendency, in most parts of Africa, toward a more relaxed attitude to time. This is sometimes used in a pejorative sense, about tardiness . . . also . . . the more leisurely, relaxed and less rigorously […]

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Happy Holidays, Africa Style

29 December 2011 Daily Life
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Hey everyone, hope you’re all enjoying a fabulous Festive Season and have had a blissful Christmas, those of you who celebrate it! Our holiday kicked off with a magical week at Mabula Private Game Reserve, where we stayed in timeshare chalets (which are absolutely lovely). Dave’s daughter Terri-Lee, her husband and little girl joined us, […]

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Wild Things Wring Our Hearts Inside Out

31 October 2011 Daily Life
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There’s such truth in the saying that “When one door closes, another opens.” We recently experienced this in technicolour. Believe it or not, regular readers and long-time friends: Dave made a momentous decision 3 weeks ago, namely to retire from motorbike racing (after an on-off period of around 35 years). He’ll still ride of course, […]

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Better Late than Never to Save our Rhino’s

23 September 2011 Bulletin Board
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Big oops on my part, as I missed posting yesterday, 22nd September, for World Rhino Day. Please follow the link to find out about this special initiative for these precious creatures whose survival is more severely threatened than ever before. Here is some of Dave’s wildlife photography taken in game reserves around South Africa, in […]

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South African in New York – with talent to burn

7 September 2011 Bulletin Board
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Unlike Sting’s “legal alien…Englishman in New York”, South African Conor Mccreedy appears to have been embraced by the Big Apple, which is perfectly fitting for this twenty-four year old who has talent to burn. He has already made his mark, being the youngest artist to be invited to hold a solo exhibition (“Outliers”) in the […]

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