nature photography

nature photography

Time to Treasure

5 September 2014 Bulletin Board
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Without fail, we seem to find ourselves when immersed in the heart of nature. Always. Unerringly. Never more so than when walking, as a group of us did recently in the Kruger National Park – unfettered by fences and completely free to mingle with Africa’s magnificent wildlife, great and small. I took the above photo […]

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Best of the Best

30 November 2013 Bulletin Board
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There are certain life experiences that you never forget. A sound, a smell, a whisper of memory springs them intermittently front and centre in your heart and mind. The 2013 Safari Guide of the Year competition was just such an experience. Dave and I were truly privileged to spend last week with the 8 exceptional […]

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Observing “Africa Time” . . .

2 May 2012 Wildlife
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According to Wikipedia, “African Time (or Africa Time) is a colloquial term used to describe a perceived cultural tendency, in most parts of Africa, toward a more relaxed attitude to time. This is sometimes used in a pejorative sense, about tardiness . . . also . . . the more leisurely, relaxed and less rigorously […]

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Blog Awards – Paying it Forward

13 January 2012 Blogging
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It’s time to spread the love around the blogosphere and celebrate 2012 with some online gratitude 🙂 First and foremost, heart-felt thanks to Amy Nora Doyle at Souldipper (based in Canada) for her gift to me of the Liebster Award (meaning Favourite): This is passed on with a request to recognise the blogger who gave […]

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Wild Things Wring Our Hearts Inside Out

31 October 2011 Daily Life
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There’s such truth in the saying that “When one door closes, another opens.” We recently experienced this in technicolour. Believe it or not, regular readers and long-time friends: Dave made a momentous decision 3 weeks ago, namely to retire from motorbike racing (after an on-off period of around 35 years). He’ll still ride of course, […]

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Spring in the Mother City

1 September 2011 Daily Life
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Happy Spring Day to all in South Africa and the rest of the Southern hemisphere! Cape Town sure had her party dress on over the past weekend, which we spent celebrating my Mom’s 70th birthday in the Mother City. It was so lovely that I can’t resist sharing some photographs from a few of the […]

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9 August 2011 Inspiration
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BUSYNESS Purpose has its place, especially when paired with awareness of the difference between business and busyness Achieving results in line with life’s purpose, is reward enough by itself Being busy on the other hand, empties hours of riches, and saps bodies of essential energy How do we determine the difference between the two? By […]

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A Blog for all Seasons

5 August 2011 Daily Life
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Just a few metres from our bedroom stands a stately tree, which celebrates the seasons in sensational style. It’s been winter for a while here, so there’s been nothing but a few, puffed-up little birds to decorate the branches. And I must say they’ve done a fine job of that, singing their hearts out in […]

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Mother’s Day Message

8 May 2011 Bulletin Board
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To all the Moms out there (with heart-felt thanks to mine and Dave’s), may your day be fragrant and full of flowers! These quotes are especially for you all: “If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” – Attributed to Claudia Ghandi “Making […]

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Move over BFF, we’re talking MBF

14 April 2011 Daily Life
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Mind you, “Best Friends Forever” is in many ways synonymous with “Man’s Best Friend”, at least as it applies to doggie years. It’s just the lifespan discrepancy that causes heartache. Still, the joy supercedes, so we come back for more of the same magic. As our beloved old boy, Tex, gradually prepares for a graceful […]

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Playing catch-up

5 April 2011 Daily Life
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OUCH! Eleven days offline following a severe lightning strike – that was frustrating. Our iPhones helped, but let’s face it, they’re not a satisfactory substitute. What a relief to be fully connected again! In the meantime, the 2011 enduro season is well underway. It kicked off with the Enduro World Cross Country held a few […]

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