poetry about life

poetry about life


9 August 2011 Inspiration
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BUSYNESS Purpose has its place, especially when paired with awareness of the difference between business and busyness Achieving results in line with life’s purpose, is reward enough by itself Being busy on the other hand, empties hours of riches, and saps bodies of essential energy How do we determine the difference between the two? By […]

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23 July 2011 Inspiration
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FUN Some things in life should be compulsory, with fun being right at the top of the list No matter the age or stage we’re at, laughter is the tonic that tickles our souls To be spread around with gay abandon, like freeing a handful of helium balloons ©2011, NAOMI ESTMENT Inspiring Quotes: “If it’s […]

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8 July 2011 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Custom

CUSTOM Who we are is interwoven with what we do and how we live The feelings conjured by inherited customs can range from comfort to claustrophobia Perfect neutrality is inhabited by love, where custom imparts wisdom from countless lives ©NAOMI ESTMENT Inspiring Quotes: “Custom is the great guide to human life” – David Hume “Customs […]

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2 July 2011 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Belief

BELIEF Imagine being born into a nest at the very top of a tree Coming into your own is capped with learning how to fly Survival allows nothing but absolute belief that you can Imagine the power of your potential similarly set free ©Naomi Estment Inspiring quotes: “I can believe anything provided it is incredible.” […]

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17 May 2011 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Pain

PAIN Prisoners sometimes, of our own making Pain frees us from the bonds of our minds Physical or emotional, it’s inseparably mental Washed in Pain’s waves we can’t escape truth And truth is the path to freedom from Pain ©Naomi Estment Quotes to consider: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” – US Marines, as quoted […]

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5 May 2011 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Stress

Whether you feel “I’ve-had-it-with-the-world-and-everything-in-it” hectic, “get-out-of-my-face-I’m-having-a-bad-day” mad, or “don’t-make-your-problems-mine” ratty, it pays to remember that stress arises inside. STRESS: In response to a given stimulus, Stress arises inside Allowed to rule, it wreaks havoc recognized, unresisted, it recedes Powerful, potential teacher, Stress offers options on a silver platter Succumb and suffer or choose to transcend, […]

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21 February 2011 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Belonging

BELONGING Acknowledged or not, there’s no escaping our own belonging Born of one, born of another, kissed into being by the same breath That bonds a baby to its mother, and cleaves a leaf to a tree The same sacred infinitesimal fibres of life itself Know our names, cradle our souls, which sing with gratitude […]

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1 January 2011 Bulletin Board
Thumbnail image for Stillness

Stillness speaks. (Perhaps this is appropriate after last night’s party :-D) STILLNESS A silent whisper, barely perceptible, perfectly distinct, rustles the leaves of consciousness Its message murmurs of mundane magic, teased to life by the act of listening into the Stillness ©Naomi Estment Quotes to consider: “Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary […]

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25 December 2010 Bulletin Board
Thumbnail image for Blessings

BLESSINGS Ever present, all around, they bathe us in love and radiant light If our eyes simply see, our hearts hear, and fingers feel Apart from attitude, the primary prerequisite to receiving Blessings is open arms And all at once it’s crystal clear: we aren’t just “in the flow”; we are the flow ©Naomi Estment […]

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7 November 2010 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Judgement

It’s a steamy summer evening near the Kruger National Park. Anticipation spikes the sunset as we pull up to the ‘vulture restaurant’ at Moholoholo (“The Very Great One”) rehabilitation centre. A simple patch of sand to us, the spot is significant to the birds. Dozens of them. The moment the carcass thuds to earth, they […]

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3 November 2010 Inspiration
Thumbnail image for Patterns

PATTERNS Nature’s babies note their mothers’ markings; Zebra foals imprint mares’ patterns Wild dogs follow the flash of parents’ tails, Lion cubs spot the black behind adult ears . . . But what of humanity – makers of mistakes, thanks to the gift of free will? Our patterns too serve a purpose, teaching lessons long […]

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