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sports photography

Toys for Africa

14 December 2011 Bulletin Board
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While on the subject of motorbikes, I’ve decided to balance my last road biking post with something interesting from the other side of the fence, given that Dave is so involved in both aspects of biking. Enduro World magazine constitutes a lot more than the catchy byline “The Best Ride You’ll Ever Read” implies. The […]

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EWXC Action: Not for the faint-hearted

23 August 2011 Daily Life
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It was typically hectic, Saturday’s leg of the Enduro World Cross Country championship, held at Heidelberg (about an hour’s drive from our home in Johannesburg). I was relieved that Dave wasn’t racing, because that tends to spike my stress levels a bit, particularly since his double spinal fusion was done only three months ago. All […]

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Celebrities with Soul! (Sports Memorabilia for Faces of Hope)

19 August 2011 Studio
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Pete Sampras is selective with his signature. It’s apparently rare to find an item signed by him, much less in combination with Roger Federer. Nevertheless, Kerrin Black managed this (all the way from South Africa), to help raise funds for Faces of Hope, the charity she founded for people with cancer. Their mission is to […]

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Back in the Saddle after a Temporary Setback

22 July 2011 Daily Life
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There’s nothing to do but love these two! Dave’s daughter, Terri-Lee, said it best last week, after he’d launched car and trailer – airborne – onto a vehicle-width bridge, and crossed it at break-neck speed without wavering an inch. “Adventure finds you,” she exclaimed, rubbing her head where it had just hit the roof. Well […]

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Playing catch-up

5 April 2011 Daily Life
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OUCH! Eleven days offline following a severe lightning strike – that was frustrating. Our iPhones helped, but let’s face it, they’re not a satisfactory substitute. What a relief to be fully connected again! In the meantime, the 2011 enduro season is well underway. It kicked off with the Enduro World Cross Country held a few […]

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SA’s Champion Lady Racer

11 December 2010 Studio
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Petite Nicole van Aswegen is perfectly at home mixing it up with the men. On the race track, no less. She and Janine Mitchell are the only two women who regularly compete in South Africa’s National Super Sport motorcycle racing class. As the 2010 – and first ever – winner of our all ladies’ 600cc […]

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Raising ‘The Roof’!

1 December 2010 Daily Life
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What a WILD few days – The Roof of Africa 2010, which concluded on Saturday in Lesotho. Fittingly tough for “The Mother of Hardenduro”, it took no prisoners, conceding twenty-two gold medal finishers from a field of about two hundred and sixty. Twenty-four riders earned silver medals and a mere six took home the bronzes. […]

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Daytona’s Debut Xtreme Enduro X

22 September 2010 Daily Life
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Time for some more bike action on the blog! As mentioned in my last post, Dave took part in the Xtreme Enduro X at Daytona, here in Johannesburg, on Saturday. Talk about a hectic ride! He landed hard from this high drop-off during the first heat, damaging his ankles, which are still painfully swollen. Of […]

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FeverX Endurocross rocks Port Shepstone!

31 July 2010 Daily Life

WOW, what an event!! Dave took part in the FeverX X-treme Endurocross, highlight of the Lions Show in Port Shepstone on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal earlier this month. I wielded the camera, partly to capture some of the action, and partly to help calm my nerves, because this one was OVER THE TOP. […]

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2010 World Superbike & Supersport Championship – Kyalami

22 May 2010 Bulletin Board

Being an ex-professional superbike racer and an accredited member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, Dave loves few things more than attending an international race meeting, chatting to the riders and doing some fast-reflex photography. It was his particular pleasure that the last leg of the World Superbike and Supersport Championship was held […]

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Enduro World Cross Country

23 February 2010 Daily Life

Dave participated in the first SA enduro of the year on Saturday: the EWXC (Enduro World Cross Country) held at Arrow’s Rest near Hartebeespoort Dam (not far from Johannesburg). We took along our cameras to capture some of the mayhem 🙂 Here’s Dave getting ready to race on his Team Pro Action KTM motorbike, not […]

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