Write with integrity

21 October 2009 Writing

I’d like to share a snippet from Ainslie MacLeod’s book, ‘The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended‘ with other writers out there. For your reference, this book is available online here: www.amazon.com. Ainslie encourages examining our desires, and establishing a balance that supports the soul’s purpose. He refers to the desires for fame (with […]

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Rise above Rejection

25 September 2009 Writing

Did you know that “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was rejected no less than ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE times, before eventually finding its home with a small (and apparently almost bankrupt) publisher?? This must be amongst the best of all literary rejection tales, ever. I heard it a few days ago on a Writer’s Telesummit […]

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Catch the wave

7 September 2009 Writing

I’ve mentioned this before (in previous Writing Tips), but can’t emphasize enough how much value I have gained from the Telesummits presented by Art of the Song Creativity Radio and Eric Maisel, PhD. This morning, while rowing at the gym, I listened via ipod to a download of the talk by Susan Raeburn, PhD. She […]

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Why write?

1 September 2009 Writing

I came across an insightful Chinese proverb yesterday, which both explains and inspires the writing process: “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I write and I understand.” This came courtesy of a good friend, who thoughtfully forwarded Daphne Gray-Grant’s recent newsletter. For some great writing advice, visit her site www.publicationcoach.com. And […]

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Tend to your health

31 July 2009 Writing

We all know that a healthy body means a healthy mind, and that writing requires thinking. Without question, I write most easily when I feel good. Nutrition guru, Patrick Holford, takes this concept further with his brilliant book, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind. He explains that “how we think and feel is directly affected by […]

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Free Write

17 July 2009 Writing

We practised free writing a number of times on our Writer’s Write course, simply going for it from a kick-off sentence or subject – a great way to get into the flow. Thereafter, we’d share what we’d written, for the purposes of feedback. I don’t know about you, but I’m a compulsive self-editor, so this […]

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“Begin with the end in mind”

8 July 2009 Writing

This one of Steven R Covey’s ‘Seven Habits for Highly successful People’ can be powerfully applied to many applications, particularly to writing a book. At least that’s true for me. So much so, that I’ve begun each of my two novels with the end, before jumping back to the beginning and the middle somewhere, and […]

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Write it down!

26 June 2009 Writing

Anywhere, everywhere, have that notebook handy. Especially by the bedside, to take advantage of Sleep Thinking. This is a revolutionary concept explained in the book by creativity coach, Eric Maisel. But that’s not only in case of forgetting what you want to say. It’s just as much about remaining ‘in the flow’. As soon as […]

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Take a “Soul Safari”

20 June 2009 Writing

Dave and I do this on a regular basis, more often than not in survivalist mode. We disappear into the wilderness with everything we may need, including friends, food, fuel and enough water for drinking and washing. There is something magical about communing with nature, especially on this incredible continent. Africa throbs with a unique […]

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Learn from others

17 June 2009 Writing

There is so much help available if you’re planning to write a book. I believe that investment in learning is as invaluable as connection to others. This is particularly true of writing, which involves intense solitude. For South Africans, I recommend Writers Write, a novel-writing course run by the Write Co. Apart from assisting immensely […]

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Consult an expert

11 June 2009 Writing

Consulting an expert is an excellent way to fast-track the learning curve on your creative career. The Telesummit team puts together exceptional panels to this end. Visit their website: www.telesummits.com for more information. Wherever you are in the world this can work for you. I signed up from Johannesburg for the Writer’s Telesummit last year, […]

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