Videography is among the services that Dave and I provide through our company Outdoor Video & Photographic. We cover a rage of genres, including corporate and commercial, promotional, events, training and infomercial videos. Please visit our official website to view samples of our work. To give you an initial taste, here is a video that we created for my signature site,

Introduction to Photography

My gratitude goes out to Dave, who has taught me so much about photography and videography . . . for that and everything else, including shooting this video in our studio. We’ve had such fun here with hundreds of models over the past 10 years, starting with my primary muse and beautiful step-daughter Terri-Lee, who also features in this video. We hope you enjoy it!

In addition, we have a comprehensive archive of wildlife footage which features some of our exceptional experiences in the Southern African bushveld. As another example, here’s a video we created for Hills of Africa Travel. In their own words, this is a taste of the magic that they offer:

. . . and an introductory clip from their phenomenal Soul Safari 2009 with Oprah-featured psychic, Ainslie MacLeod:

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any queries.

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JamieDedes July 5, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Delightful, Naomi. Am no longer able to travel, but just watching these vids was an adventure. Looks like your friends put together a wonderful safari and no wonder you are happy to recommend. Did I recognize you and Dave in the mix there? Amy too, I think.

Blog on …


Naomi July 6, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Yes, we’re all in there, Jamie 🙂 So sorry to hear that you aren’t able to travel, but grateful that we have the internet for virtual adventure. It’s wonderful to learn so much from fellow bloggers, like you! Sandy and co are amazing at what they do, and such wonderful people. It was a great pleasure to work with them. I’ll certainly blog on and keep visiting your fabulous blog too!


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